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Editable training materials on influencing skills.


In today’s leaner, flatter, constantly changing business environment, the ability to persuade and influence others is increasingly important. Most people no longer work in strict hierarchies, and most people do not take orders without question.


People want to be involved in key decisions affecting them; they want to retain an element of choice and feel in control. However, decisions still have to be made and implemented and this often means getting other people to do things for you by influencing them to do so.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour you will be able to:


•   Describe the different approaches to influencing, and the benefits of each

•   Identify different influencing styles and when each might be useful

•   Use a 6-step approach to influence people positively.


Download our FREE key points sheet and PowerPoint Slides in PDF format for more information about the content. Much more detail is included in the training session plan and detailed delegate workbook which you get when you purchase.

Influence People

  • The Outline for this session is as follows: 

    •Welcome and Introduction (including the importance of influencing) – Trainer and delegate input

    •Basic Styles of Influencing – (Optional) Post-it note exercise followed by trainer-led discussion

     •Approaches to influencing: Push and Pull – Trainer input and group discussion

     •Influencing styles and strategies – Trainer input, group exercise and trainer-led discussion

     •The Influencing process –  Trainer input followed by group work and presentation

     •Influencing in Practice – (Optional) Guided role plays

     •Summary and putting it into practice

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