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Editable materials for presentation skills training.


This bite-size training session on persuasive presentations aims to help delegates to create and deliver a presentation that results in action. Increasingly in organisations, we need to persuade groups of people to do things via a presentation in a meeting. Whether it’s making a sale, negotiating for resources, getting plans approved, asking for a decision or a change of approach – persuasive presentations have a role to play.


In these cases, presenting facts and figures isn’t always enough, but at the same time, spinning an exciting story with nothing to back it up won’t work either. You have to be able to take people on a journey that balances exciting opportunities with solid evidence which will make it easy for them to agree to the recommendations made.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour, delegates will be able to:


  • Generate interest and curiosity from the start
  • Apply Cialdini’s six principles and persuasive language to influence their audience
  • End your presentations in a way that will gain agreement to action


Our training materials and sessions aren't PowerPoint led, but you can download the optional PowerPoint slides and FREE Key Points Sheet in pdf format to give you an idea of what is covered. Much more detail is included in the training session plan and detailed delegate workbook which you get when you purchase.

Persuasive Presentations

  • Here's an overview of the Session:

    • Introduction and Objectives
    • Head and Heart - Brief Trainer input on the need to engage logic and emotion
    • Opening: Get them Hooked - Group exercise and discussion to explore engaging ways to open a presentation
    • OPTIONAL exercise to try out different openings and assess their impact
    • Six Principles of Persuasion - Trainer input on Cialdini's principles followed by a pairs exercise
    • OPTIONAL exercise to work in pairs and adapt existing presentations to incorporate the 6 principles
    • Persuasive Language - Trainer-led discussion
    • OPTIONAL exercise to explore positive, negative and neutral language
    • A Call to Action - Trainer-led discussion around persuasive endings
    • OPTIONAL exercise to review the endings of existing presentations to make them more persuasive
    • Make it Work at Work - Summary and Action Planning
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