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This session on preparing a presentation aims to help people to plan a presentation that will be interesting and useful to those that are being presented to. Presentations are often feared by people, but the fact is, they are part of every day life in business.


Presentations are not always formal. Most are informal by way of team briefings, customer presentations or project updates. Regardless of the type, taking the time to prepare a presentation thoughtfully will always help to deliver a good result.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour attendees will be able to:


  • Describe the characteristics of effective presentations
  • Identify the underlying purpose of a presentation and take this into account when deciding content
  • Use the right structure for different types of presentations to ensure that you get the result you want
  • Prepare appropriate and impactful visual aids


Download the Free Key Points Sheet and PowerPoint Slides in PDF format to get a taste of the content.

Prepare a Presentation - PDF Version

  • Welcome and Introduction – Trainer and delegate input

     •Characteristics of poor presentations – Post-it note group exercise

     •The PURPOSE of the presentation – Trainer input and discussion

     •Content: WHO is it for? – Trainer input and discussion

     •Profiling your audience –(Optional)  Trainer input, individual/pairs activity  and group discussion

     •Structuring the presentation – Trainer input on two structures, depending on the purpose of the presentation

     •Planning a Presentations – Small group (or pairs) work to practice using the two structures

     •The Pyramid Structure –  (Optional) Trainer input and exercise

     •Visual Aids – Trainer led discussion about the range of visual aids available

     •Pros and cons of different visual aids - (Optional) Exercise to examine when each type of visual aid would and would not be useful

     •Tips for creating effective PowerPoint Slides - Trainer input

     •Creating effective slides - (Optional) Exercise for delegates to redo existing slides to make them more interesting

     •Summary and putting it into practice

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