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Performance Reviews that are not prepared for properly tend to be of limited use, and turn into a form-filling exercise with all concerned feeling that they are waste of time.


This session on preparing for a Performance Review Interview aims to help you understand the benefits that appraisals can bring if they are approached properly. It will outline the things that you should do to make sure that the discussion is worthwhile and adds value to the individual and the business. It assumes that those attending the session are managers.


In particular, by the end of the Power Hour you will be able to: 

  •  State the benefits of performance appraisals for all involved
  •  List what you need to prepare in advance of the appraisal discussion
  •  Suggest what information should be gathered as evidence of performance, and  why.


Download the Free Key Points Sheet and SELECTION of PowerPoint Slides in PDF format for more detail about what is covered during the session (More slides are provided for virtual training to help run the session)

Prepare for a Performance Review - Virtual Session (PDF Version)

  • The Outline for this session is as follows: 

     •Welcome and Introduction – Trainer and delegate input

     •Think differently about Performance Reviews – (Optional) Individual exercise and group discussion

     •Why have Peformance Reviews? – Group exercise to consider benefits from a number of angles

     •What to Prepare – Group (post-it note) exercise. Additional Optional exercise to explore the elements in much more detail.

     •Gathering Evidence – Group or individual activity to identify sources

     •Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence – Trainer input and group discussion

     •Summary and putting it into practice

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