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Recruitment and selection is about finding and placing the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time, for the right terms and conditions.


The recruitment process is quite complex and starts with the identifying the need to fill a vacancy and ends with induction. Different people are involved at different stages and finding the right person for the job is very much a team effort.


The selection interview is an important part of the process, and the area where the line manager tends to have the most influence. Too many managers make snap decisions about who to employ. Some of these decisions turn out well, but some don’t. When they don’t the negative effect is felt not only by the individual, but also by the manager and team, and this can ultimately effect the organisation.


By completing this Power Hour training session, participants will be able to make the right decision about who to employ more often. In particular, they will be able to:


  • Prepare effectively for a selection interview
  • Structure a selection interview properly
  • Ask useful questions to discover relevant information in a fair and consistent way


To get a flavour of the core session, you can download our free Key Points Sheet and view the optional PowerPoint Slides in pdf format. Remember that these only reflect SOME of the content: much more detail is provided in the Session Plan and Delegate Workbook.

Recruitment Interviewing - PDF Version

  • There is plenty of material to create a half-day workshop as follows:

    • Introduction and objectives
    • Job descriptions and person specifications - OPTIONAL trainer input and activity to explore the differences between the two and how each is useful
    • Shortlisting Candidates - OPTIONAL input discussing the difference between essential and desireable criteria, and the opportunity for participants to practice shortlisting in a fair way.
    • Preparing to Interview – Group work to agree what preparation needs to be done to prepare for a successful interview.
    • Structuring the Interview - Input and discussion around the WASP structure
    • Welcome – OPTIONAL reverse brainstorm to agree best practice for welcoming and building rapport with candidates at the start of the interview
    • Acquiring Information – trainer input around useful questions and pairs/small group activity to draw up a list of useful (and non discriminatory) questions including competency-based questions.
    • Ensuring fairness – OPTIONAL input and discussion around direct and indirect discrimination followed by a card sort activity to identify questions that are discriminatory and those that aren't.
    • Taking Notes - Input around the importance of notes and how to take useful ones that will aid the selection decision
    • Common Pitfalls – OPTIONAL group exercise to explore common pitfalls that interviers might fall into, and how to avoid them
    • Making the selection - how to choose between candidates
    • Interview Practice – OPTIONAL guided or traditional role plays to put the learning into practice
    • Make it work at work – What people will do now to put the learning into practice

    PLEASE NOTE: The session does NOT cover employment law. YOu may add it in yourself if desired.

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