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Editable leadership and management training materials to allow you to deliver your own leadership programme with eas.


This Development Programme aims to anyone who is responsible for leading a team, directly or indirectly.  It introduces key leadership skills from learning how to balance your own time, how to adapt your leadership style, building credibility as a leader, take an emotional inteligent approach to building relationships (essential if the people you need to lead don't report to you directly), and even how to be an effective leader of a widely dispersed team.


This programme is made up of 3 Standard and 5 Expert Pwer Hour bite size training sessions as follows:


  • Starting to Lead
  • Leading Different Characters
  • Credible Leadership
  • Flexible Leadership
  • Influence People
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Lead from a Distance


For more information about detailed content, please look at the modules individually. Each module comes with a training session plan, ready-written PowerPoint slides, handouts and detailed delegate workbook.

The Leadership Package

  • A single licence covers a single trainer within your organisation running training sessions internally. 

    For corporate or multi-buy licences please get in touch

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