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In modern business, there’s a lot of emphasis on leadership, and the vital role that leaders play. They do, but successful businesses also need good management.


Managers are vital in today's organisations; they are the link between the business strategy and the actual work that is done. It is their job to translate the wider business goals into day-to-day tasks and ensure that they are completed in the right way, to the right standard, at the right time, by the right person.


This Power Hour Session is all about identifying what managers need to do to be successful, in addition to being technically competent. By completing this Power Hour delegates will be able to:


  • Explain what managers DO in specific terms.
  • Describe an 8-step Management Cycle that is relevant for all management roles.
  • Define what they need to do at each stage to be a successful manager in their organisation.


Our training materials and sessions aren't PowerPoint led, but you can download the optional PowerPoint slides and FREE Key Points Sheet in PDF format to give you an idea of what is covered.

The Management Cycle (Intro to Management) - PDF Version

  • Here's an overview of the Session:

    • Introduction and Objectives
    • Defining Management - Group discussion
    • What do manager's do? - Group exercise and discussion 
    • OPTIONAL exploration of the different 'hats' managers have to wear vis discussion and exercise
    • What do manager's go wrong? - Pairs discussion
    • Exploring the Management Cycle - Trainer input followed by group exercises
    • OPTIONAL exercises to each of the stages in more detail
    • Summary - Trainer-led discussion to bring together good practice
    • Make it Work at Work - Summary and Action Planning
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