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In today’s multinational, cross-cultural businesses, the current economic climate is posing a number of challenges. Not least, achieving results with reduced budgets and reduced contact time between team members.

Being a leader of team that is widely dispersed, or that comprises individuals who are working on many different things brings unique challenges. This Power Hour Session introduces a number of tools and techniques that will allow you to get the most out of your team, even when you are not with them for much of the time.


In particular, by completing this Power Hour Session you will be able to:


  • Identify the challenges that a distance leader must overcome.
  • Describe the qualities and competences of a good distance leader.
  • Discuss the tools available to you to help you to manage a remote team successfully.


Why not download the FREE Key Points Sheet and view SOME OF the optional slides in pdf format to have a closer look at the core content?


This package is designed to be run VIRTUALLY i.e. via teleconferencing. It is a 2 hour session that has been designed in detail for a facilitator to run with remote participants. It is not e-learning.

VIRTUAL Lead from a Distance (PDF)

  • A single licence covers a single trainer within your organisation running training sessions internally. 

    For corporate or multi-buy licences please get in touch

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