This Development Programme aims to anyone who is responsible for managing others the basic skills they need to manage and improve performance. It provides all of the basic skills for formal and informal performance management, from outlining expectations, handling underperformance, stretching good performers, and conducting appraisals.  This is an excellent programme, relevant even for those who indirectly manage others.

This programme is made up of the following Power Hour bite size training sessions:

  • Set Meaningful Goals
  • Give Effective Feedback
  • Prepare for a Performance Review
  • Conduct a Performance Review
  • Manage Under-performance
  • Coach People
  • Motivate and Engage People

and we suggest that this is the most sensible order to run them. 


You can also buy this package for VIRTUAL DELIVERY for the same price. All of the modules have been redesigned to be delivered remotely so if you're unable to get together in the training room, you can still provide this very important training for managers.



The Performance Management Package


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