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Power Hour Bite Size Training Materials


Looking for quality, easy to use training materials on a range of topics?
Short on time and can't release people for long training courses?
Want to develop your people, but can't afford to bring in external trainers?
Want maximum results for minimum investment?
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   Then Power Hour Bite-Size Training Materials may be just what you need!
Licence free training materials for bite-size training sessions covering 33 topics from JUST £30 - all available in editable formats and designed so even inexperienced trainers or managers can deliver with confidence.
We also have a NEW Range of 'Expert' Modules covering more complex topics such as emotional intelligence and high performing teams.
Here's what people have to say about Power Hour training materials...
"Power Hour's 60 minute training materials are just what the doctor ordered. They deal with business issues that effect every small and medium business, they are comprehensive and easy to use. I have already recommended them to other companies." “I am very happy with The Power Hour training materials I ordered. The download included clear trainer’s notes and learner friendly workbook with a brilliant hand-out covering the key elements of the session. I look forward to putting the session into practice. Thanks very much!” "Generic/off the shelf training material is often a bit light, but this has real substance to it. For the trainer, the Session Leader’s Guide is perfect – really detailed instructions on what to do when. Follow it and the session goes like a dream!"
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